On Monday, July 23, Nike restocked several sneakers on their SNKRS app.  Some people had access to Cap & Gown 11s, Gold Toe Jordan 1s, Satin Shattered Backboard 1s, Kawhi Leonard 1s, Blue Orchard 1s, and/or Homage to Home 1s. Me, I had access to the Homage to Homes, which I gladly purchased.

I was looking forward to receiving these kicks, seeing that I hadn’t kept the pair I originally received on the first release.  When the shoe box arrived yesterday, though, I quickly realized I had been bamboozled. Hoodwinked. Tricked.  Inside the Homage to Home box was a pair of Nike Air Jordan 1 Flyknit Clay Green from Nike Korea.




I wish I could say this was some sort of joke, or that Nike would make good on the sale and send me another pair of Homage to Home 1s, but sadly for me that’s not the case. I went on to chat with the customer support online, over the phone, and on the Nike app. Best they could do over the phone was refund the purchase price of the sneakers and a 20% off code.  I told them the code was useless to me seeing that everything I buy sells out in minutes, and you can’t apply 20% off codes on the SNKRS app. They didn’t seem to care much.  As for the online chat, here were a few of the responses I received from Glen, one of their online support agents at Nike.com:

“I can only try to understand what you’re feeling right now and I know my apology won’t fix anything.”

That’s an understatement.

“Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention and rest assured that Nike take this kind of feedback seriously, let me take note of this conversation and capture all the important information you provided so we can work on this matter immediately, I will also forward this to our Leadership Team to prevent this issue for happening again in the future.”

Is the Leadership team going to inspect my next order?

“We inspect all products for quality. Some flaws, blemishes and wrong items may occasionally slip through our quality checks.”

Literally all someone had to do was open the box and look in and see that these were the wrong shoes.

“I checked again to see if we have any pair left for the Air Jordan 1 OG Homage to Home, to see if we can reship the right item however they are really sold out.”

No shit, Glen. These limited sneakers are sold out?

He went on to tell me he will send an email the the Elite Service Team, and that I should receive a response in a couple of days.  I’m not holding my breath.

In the end, the Nike Expert on Demand on the Nike app was the most helpful. I told him it was an inconvenience to me to have to go to the UPS store and take time out of my day in order to rectify Nike’s mistake.  He refunded me 15% of the purchase to cover my transportation, which I genuinely appreciate and think was a generous offer.  I tried to angle my way into a reservation for an upcoming release, but no one from Nike was having that.

Long story short, I’m not getting my Homage to Home 1s, and if you ever have a problem with a Nike order, don’t bother calling them, just contact one of the experts on your Nike app.

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