Nike and Jordan Brand rumored to bring back the iconic sneaker in 2019


Holiday 2017 saw the all red Jordan 11s release in large quantities.  2016 was the 72-10 11s.  This year, we get the classic Concord 11s.  Next year? Word on the street is it’s the return of the Breds.

A staple in every sneakerhead’s closet, the Jordan 11 “Bred” last dropped back in 2012.  The sneaker sold out everywhere as it had been 11 years since the previous restock in 2001.  I remember begging my parents for a pair on the initial release in 1995, but personally I’ve only ever held a pair of Breds in my hands for a few minutes as resale was over $200 profit on the last release.

Chances are if (when?) these do drop again, it’ll be in large quantities like the 1.4 million Concord 11s that were made for 2018.  My shoeseum might end up having a shelf of Bred 11s to itself come Holiday season 2019.

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